February 2, 2018

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Congress: Exert Your Constitutional Obligation to Oversee Military Activity

Under the Constitution, only Congress may declare war. The President may respond to attacks and repel invasions, but the acts of war must be approved and overseen by Congress. For too long, Congress has shirked its constitutional duties and has simply shrugged its shoulders about its responsibility to oversee military engagements.

Use the petition below to let Congress know how important it is for the legislative branch — the branch most accountable to American citizens — to exercise its constitutional duty, as spelled out in Article I, to vote before our military is deployed in war activities.

Dear Member of Congress,

For too long, the legislative branch has ignored its responsibilities and duties, as outlined in Article I of the Constitution, to have direct oversight of how and when our military is deployed in war activities.

Our men and women in uniform deserve to know that Congress is taking its responsibility seriously, and that it is not allowing the President to unilaterally dictate our military's engagements.

We, the undersigned, call upon Congress to exercise its constitutional duties when it comes to these important matters that affect our military and our national security.