Cartels slaughter Mexican military & police

War is hell. American troops have been entangled in the country’s longest war since 2001. While the defense industry continues its follies in the Middle East, conditions in America’s neighbor to the south, Mexico, warrants further consideration. The Beltway Bandit’s argument that America must protect Turkey’s border with roughly 1,000 American troops in Syria puts the situation into context.
This year Mexico is on track to surpass its own homicide record. The freedom fighters, aka cartels, have committed 23,063 grisly murders through August of this year compared to the roughly 17,000 killed in the Syria war thus far.
So, why are the beltway politicos bellyaching about leaving troops inside Syria while Mexico disintegrates on our border? Turkey, after all, has witnessed first hand the prolonged civil war with its neighbor to the south, Syria. With more than two million Syrian refugees already living in Turkey, the dictatorial Turkish ruler has embarked on a military battle to protect its borders from the PKK and YPG terrorists living and training in northern Syria.
Hmmm, does this scenario sound familiar? Wait a minute; America is also facing a major transnational crime threat from Mexico. Cartel violence has topped Syria’s death rate. So, why aren’t American lawmakers interested in the REAL war on America’s doorstep that has also forced millions of refugees into America? Are Syria lives more important than Mexicans, El Salvadorans, and Nicaraguans? And isn’t Mexico the US’s top trading partner?