This Week in War Powers News – July 31, 2020

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America’s “War On Terrorism” Resembles Insanity

September 11th, 2020 will mark the nineteenth year since the attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. For those nineteen years, terrorism underpinned U.S. foreign policy decision making.

As a result, the United States and its allies have conceptualized and fought terrorism through a military-focused approach, or a finite strategy. This de facto paradigm has proven seldomly successful despite its longevity. And as the world returns towards great power competition, terrorism and how to fight it has scaled back in countries’ foreign policy priorities. This presents a momentous opportunity to shift how the United States conceptualizes terrorism and how it fights it, from a finite to an infinite strategy. READ MORE.



US Announces Plans to Remove 12,000 Troops from Germany

The U.S. announced plans Wednesday to shift 12,000 troops out of Germany as part of a multibillion-dollar effort to deter Russian influence and reassure European allies in the region.

The moves, which will bring 6,400 American troops home and shift 5,600 elsewhere on the continent, are set to begin “within weeks,” according to Defense Secretary Mark Esper. It also fulfills President Trump’s previously announced desire to withdraw troops from Germany, largely due to its failure to spend enough on defense.

“These changes will achieve the core principles of enhancing U.S. and NATO deterrence of Russia, strengthening NATO, reassuring allies and improving U.S. strategic flexibility,” Esper said. READ MORE.