This Week in War Powers News – June 7, 2019

The content below comes from the newsletter This Week in War Powers News, provided by the Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy.

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War and the Rogue Presidency: Restoring the Republic after Congressional Failure

War and the Rogue Presidency is an in-depth examination of the history of the congressional-executive tug-of-war over U.S. security policy and why reclaiming constitutional standards is essential to restore both an effective national defense and civil and economic liberties.
To get Congress to do that, Dr. Ivan Eland presents ways in which internal congressional incentives could be changed to provide motivation for legislative pushback, along with other reforms that would effectively rein in the rogue presidency.
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Danny Sjursen writes at

No war yet! That’s the good news…for now. A few weeks have passed since unhinged National Security Advisor John Bolton – who never saw a regime he didn’t want to change – reportedly ordered the Pentagon to update plans to send 120,000 additional troops into the Persian Gulf
All this preparation and the inherent threat to strike Iran was ostensibly based on vague and unsubstantiated intelligence that Tehran had planned attacks on U.S. troops in the region. Murky and secretive intelligence, preemptive war plans, and unrepentant neocons sowing fear within the American populace. We’ve all seen this movie before, in Iraq, just sixteen years ago, and it didn’t end well. US troops are still there and may be so indefinitely.
If the purported Iranian threats seem manufactured, its because they likely are. And all the wrongs Tehran allegedly perpetrated against the US are exaggerated and overblown.