February 3, 2018

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Congress: Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

Yemen’s civil war involves factions aligned with the Sunni-dominated government and the Shiite minority. The population (28 million) is about 56% Sunni Muslim and 44% Shiite Muslim. Saudi Arabia supports the Sunni side with airstrikes and other military operations, while Iran provides limited assistance, primarily weapons, to the Houthi/Shiite side. The United States assists Saudi Arabia with intelligence and targeting, and it provides aerial refueling for Saudi military aircraft.

Humanitarian effects are dire. Saudi use of U.S.-produced weapons – along with other aid – kills and wounds innocents. In addition to creating near-starvation conditions for millions of Yemenis, this war has also led to the worst cholera outbreak in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

Dear Member of Congress,
  Under the Constitution, only Congress may declare war. But today, our military is engaged in aiding and supporting the Saudi government in manufacturing the world's worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
  By ignoring the Constitution's clear language that Congress must approve military engagement of this type, Congress has also turned a blind eye to the catastrophic human suffering in Yemen.
  We, the undersigned, urge you to exercise your constitutional duty and provide oversight of our military's engagement. Please do not ignore the Constitution or this humanitarian crisis any longer.