February 21, 2019

The Impact of War, by Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy Founder and Chairman George D. O’Neill, Jr.

The Impact of War by George D. O'Neill, JrThe decision of whether or not to go to war is, without question, one of the most important decisions a nation ever makes.

The weightiness of this decision is precisely why our nation’s founders placed the decision-making authority related to war, as well as the oversight of military actions, squarely within the legislative body’s responsibilities. The decision is too important, and produces too many unintended consequences, to be left in the hands of one person, the executive.

The paramount question “What is the impact of war?” is the guiding principle of our programmatic work at The Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy. It also serves as the theme for our monthly lectures, which have focused on a variety of different effects of war, from the dire impact on global religious liberty, to the negative impact on the US economy, to the impact on military readiness, among other topics.

This book is a compilation of the topics The Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy explored over the course of 2018, through our conferences, lectures, and seminars. These topics are only the start of a much bigger conversation about the impact of war, and it is one that we invite members of Congress, congressional staff, policy experts, and voters to join.

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